Craniosacral Therapy

with therapeutic dialogue and somatoemotional release C.S.T-S.E.R

The craniosacral therapy is the most gentle and, at the same time, the most dynamic therapy.

CranioSacral Therapy (C.S.T) is a body therapy that uses the gentle touch of 5 grams along the craniosacral system in order to balance the craniosacral rhythm but also to touch other parts of the body so that the latter put its resistances aside and opens. Along with this balancing, the touching of C.S.T awakens the memory of the body and opens a communication channel with the deeper self, trauma and repressed memories. The main instigator of the method is John Upldger, an American neurosurgeon. He has written several books on the method and the research he has done over the past decades on the CST. I mention here his main books, “Somato Emotional Release and Beyond”, “Your Inner Physician and You”, “Cell talks”, etc.

He continues to research, to develop and apply the capabilities of the method at his research center in Florida, US.

It functions both at the physical-organic level of the body and at the deeper mental level. In this way, it treats physical illnesses as well as psycho-somatic and psychological disorders. It uses the gentle touch of 5 grams with which it listens to the whole body and especially the craniosacral rhythm, which is a key element of this therapy. At this point, I will not go into detail about medicine and physiology in order to explain what this rhythm is and how its balance and imbalance affect our body (if you want to learn more about it, you can read relevant articles published at other parts of the website). However, I will mention that this gentle therapy can treat a wide range of diseases and provide cure for illnesses in cases where conventional medicine reaches an impasse.

The innovative element of this therapy is that the touch which is used evokes the memory of the tissues of the body. Thus, it has a therapeutic effect on people’s mental world. The memory of the body comes into existence from the moment that the body itself comes into existence. The heart is the first organ which appears after the conception of an embryo. From that moment, a person has a body which starts recording memories.

The craniosacral therapy evokes the memory of the body and can reveal memories from far in the past. With craniosacral therapy, a person has the chance to unfold all the memories they need and to get over traumas which prevent them from being healthy at a physical or mental level. One of the things offered by this therapy is the emergence of traumas and the unfolding of memories which people cannot consciously bring to mind.

Another element that concerns the psychotherapy offered by craniosacral therapy is the way with which this method directs people to become aware of their feelings, to connect with their heart and to fully accept themselves. This is a gentle method, as is the touch of 5 grams, which deeply respects the wisdom of the body, the truth of each person and the pace with which each individual wants to proceed. The fascinating characteristic of this method is that it involves both the most gentle and the most dynamic treatment for each person.


It is important to emphasise that I refer to the craniosacral therapy as this is implemented by me in my Institute and by the people who have received training in the Institute.