Somato Emotional Release-Non Directive Somatic Psychotherapy S.E.R.-N.D.S.P.- The first somatic(body) psychotherapy with touch in person-centered aprroach and existential psychology. Seminars and training courses all over the Europe can be organized.

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The educational programme has a duration of 5 years.

It is oriented towards psychotherapy and personal development, which are approached via the body. In this method, the body is regarded as a unified psychosomatic whole which contains all the information that someone has to become aware of, in order to be healed and to develop. This method combines the Non-Directive approach with the craniosacral therapy. The result of this combination is the comprehensive Non-Directive Somatic Psychotherapy – N.D.S.E.R. (Non-Directive Somato-Emotional Release):


  • Introduction to the basic principles of Non-directiveness

  • Experiential understanding of the method


  • Function of the groups within the framework of the Non-Directive Intervention approach

  • The suggestions

  • Experiential practice


  • Training in craniosacral balance

  • Personal growth


  • Comprehensive study of the methods

  • Experiential practice in the combination of the methods

Additional practical training and supervision are required for the completion of the studies.

After the completion of the educational programme, a certificate of studies is provided by the Institute of Therapy & Education ‘Chrysallida’.

Non Directive Somatic Psychotherapy

Somato Emotional Release N.D.S.P. – S.E.R.

A five-year educational program accomplished within 1000 hours.

1st YEAR

  • Introduction to Non-Directive-Interventional Method
  • The Customer-Oriented Therapeutic Approach (Carl Rogers)
  • Personality development aimed at developing empathy and unconditional acceptance
  • Active listening
  • Breath-body connection
  • Motion – personal energy awareness
  • Relaxation – opening the channels of access to the senses
  • Theory – first year bibliography study

2nd YEAR

  • Introduction to Cranio Sacral Therapy (C.S.T)
  • Body Awareness
  • Breath-motion-relaxation: Their multidimensional effect and their approach as treatment factors
  • Starting with the gentle touch of 5 grams
  • Training on how to “listen” through hands to at all levels of body of the traveler
  • Theory – second year bibliography study

3rd YEAR

  • Cranio Sacral Therapy Techniques
  • Elements of anatomy-neurophysiology
  • Holistic therapeutic approach
  • The internal motion of the body and the beginning of life
  • Deepening to the psychosomatic unity of human being
  • Philosophy of Cranio Sacral Therapy
  • Theory – third year bibliography study

4th YEAR

  • Development and deepening onto the gentle touch of 5 grams
  • Therapeutic dialogue
  • Awakening body memory to deeper levels (at fetal age and birth)
  • Physical psychotherapy in groups
  • Theory – fourth year bibliography study

5th YEAR

  • Techniques on desire detection
  • Technique of proposals
  • Composition of the two methods
  • Theory – Fifth year bibliography study

Exercising / Practice

NOTE: The training method is experiential. This means that the theory -which in each year contains specific themes and bibliography- takes place where it is thought to be best matched with experiential information.

The program also includes 200 hours of workout that the trainees accomplish in teams on Center’s premises.


  1. Sevastiana Koutroubanou
    Psychologist-psychotherapist N.D.I
    Cranio Scacral Therapist C.S.T
    Somatic psychotherapist N.DS.E.R.-C.S.T
  2. Eudokia Stamou
    Psychologist-psychotherapist N.D.I
  3. Giorgos Astrinakes
    Psychiatrist – Psychotherapist N.DI.
    Somatic psychotherapist, Wilhelm Reich’s method
  4. Katerina Menagia
    Psychologist-psychotherapist N.D.I
  5. Yannis Kaukas
    Homeopathic Doctor