We are active in the fields of psychotherapy, somatic therapy and personal growth, as well as in the education of counsellors and therapists. The therapeutic methods we use are innovative and aim to lead people to complete cure from psychic and psychosomatic disorders. They help people achieve psychosomatic balance, discover themselves and develop all the inner elements which can set them free and make them creative. Through gentle methods, people receive support to face their problems as a whole and to discover powers which will enable them to change their lives in the direction they desire. Except for the various therapeutic actions, educational programmes on these methods are also operating, which create competent and responsible counsellors and therapists.

The ‘Chrysallida’ Institute continuously organises introductory seminars and open informative sessions regarding its educational programmes. We can train small and large groups of students, graduates and young professionals who would like to receive comprehensive education. Moreover, we provide the possibility of supervision for all trainees. The educational programmes can be carried out in all European countries, in coordination with the competent bodies.